Hi all, Welcome to my food blog. I feel super excited that you have visited my blog and would love to know about the person behind these yummy cooking. Cooking delicious food was my hobby and this favourite hobby of mine turned into a passion soon. I personally feel that the time that we spend in kitchen needs to be stress free and should be loaded with fun.

   For me, creating great food and serving them to my family and friends give loads of happiness. All their appreciation and applause didn’t leave me to stick to same recipes all the time instead try new recipes by instilling creative ideas. That’s when an idea sparked me, creating my own food blog. I created this food blog to share my recipes on web so that many people can try my recipes and enjoy delicious food at their home. My idea was welcoming by all my friends and my family members, hence born my food blog “mytastyrecipes”.

   Having made the dishes through several moves, nothing can give me so much happiness when I arrive at great food with my new ideas. Making nutritious, delicious and healthy food might sound tricky but would definitely be possible with my recipes. I prefer to do dishes which are quick as well as easy to make so you can find most of my recipes like that. I understand that just to try a simple recipe, if you need to run to grocery store it would definitely be stressful.  Cooking delicious food with what ever ingredients available in your pantry or fridge is possible with my recipes. Be it yummy chicken cutlets or a cheesy pizza, you can definitely make restaurant like food at home within minutes. Moreover finding yummy recipes using flavours from around the world can very much happen in my blog.

To pen down about me, “I am Chef Mark by profession and started this food blog in 2016.”

   After so much of hard work at office, if you receive an email with even a single line of appreciation from your boss then nothing can make your day so happy. Isn’t it? Yup, that is what is happening with me in my food blog. I keep getting so many appreciation emails with loads of energizing comments. Thanks a lot for your comments and it keeps driving me to come up with new ideas to post new recipes.

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   So why not, you take a quick minute to browse through my recipes and cook a dish to let me know how it turns out??????

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