Leftover Grilled Chicken Cabbage Salad Recipe
Finding better ways to turn leftovers into a delicious dish is indeed a tough job. Isn't it? Yes, that is why we are now going see a fantastic dish prepared with leftover grilled chicken breasts that no one can find that this very dish is made out of left overs. In fact, this Leftover Grilled Chicken Cabbage Salad is loaded with vegetables, herbs and nuts which are good for your health. Munching on salads is a convenient way cope your vegetable serving for the day. Salad is packed with different textures and that is the reason why kids love them too.… (0 comment)

Curried Chicken Kebabs Recipe
Thread the chicken onto skewers and grill the marinated chicken then your net result is yummy kebabs.  Curried Chicken Kebabs Recipe is easy to make as well as tasty and it will definitely attract your whole family to the dinner table. Do you know an interesting fact of cooking the meat on a skewer originated in prehistoric times? In fact, much earlier to it when the early human started cooking using fire. Grilling process brings out the flavour of the food that is why many prefer to grill instead of frying. Even the medieval soldiers used to make open fires and grill the meat using their swords.… (0 comment)

Caramelized Chicken Skewers Recipe
Crispy chicken with a sweet and savoury touch or Caramelized Chicken Skewers Recipe will definitely be a delicious snack to munch on. Speciality about this dish is we are going to use traditional bamboo skewers which needs some initial preparation time of soaking them in water. If you don't have these bamboo skewers then no worries, you can very well use the metal skewers. Coming to our most debating topic, gas or charcoal grill if you are a person who doesn't compromise on taste then you would prefer charcoal grill as it gives a smoky taste to the food cooked on it. … (0 comment)

Sous Vide Chicken Breasts
Sous Vide means “under vacuum”in French, which is nothing but referring to the special process that we follow in this recipe. Yes, that special process is vacuuming the food and cooking in water bath under desired temperature. Chefs, usually prefer this Delicious Sous Vide Chicken Breasts cooking to get the perfect level of doneness along with retaining the nutrients of the food. Don't worry, this cooking is not restricted to chefs and their high end restaurants but can be done at home with affordable Sous Vide cookers in market.… (0 comment)

Grilled Chicken Cutlets Recipes
You would always looking for a delicious flavourful dish that would be prepared in a jiffy. Am I right? Yes, your wish is fulfilled in this Grilled Chicken Cutlets Recipes.  This hot and juicy chicken cutlets will require very less time to cook.… (0 comment)

Japanese Chicken Egg Rice Bowl Oyakodon Recipe
One of the most demanding dish both at restaurants and home is none other than  Oyakodon or Japanese Chicken Egg Rice Bowl. Do you know the interesting meaning of the name Oyakodon? The meaning of this word  Oyakodon means "Parent and child", since we are using both the chicken and eggs to cook this dish. This dish is an easy to make  and saves huge time in kitchen during your busy days.… (0 comment)